This blog post is about to list the things that everyone does but no one admits. Allow me to shame the rest of you all as I unveil the naughty things / deeds of yours which you had hoped to safeguard forever.

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Things that everyone does but no one admits. These ones are from my list :

  1. Farting out loud- Oh God! The pleasure of letting out volumes of gas through such a narrow and stretchable opening is unmatchable. Judging me already? There’s more ahead! Let us be honest, everyone does it, but no one admits. We all fart. Yes, yes we do. People say that men do it more often than women, but I would say it’s about equal. I’m guessing women like to hold their farts in because they wanna act all pretty. Especially in school. But women’s farts tend to be as stinky as men’s. Or even worse.
  2. Peeing in the shower- I don’t know about girls but boys sure do get a high on peeing alongside showering as we match the speed of the water from the shower with our own golden shower.
  3. Roam around the house naked- Living your daily lifestyle while wearing little to no clothes when no one is around is something we have all done at one point or the other in our lives.
  4. Have a crush on a teacher- Whether you are a boy or a girl, deep down you have always had at least one crush on any schoolteacher and you know it very well, even if you don’t admit it in front of your friends.
  5. Stalk your exes- Curiosity can make man do wonders. No matter how much we have gotten over our failed relationships, there is always a silent itch to check out our ex’s current life.
  6. Imitate to be a superhero- There used to be a time when I used to wrap a towel around my back as a cape and pretend to be Superman. Too bad I never wore my undies outside. What superhero did you want to be?
  7. Eat a heavy meal, then look at yourself in the mirror with self-loathing. We’ve all been there!
  8. Bite your nails (at least a little nibble). Guys perhaps more than girls.
  9. Become a little bit jealous when your close friend achieves sudden success. But it’s a phase and is washed out soon by your love for him / her.
  10. Picking your nose. Some even eat their snot.
  11. Fantasise about pornstars while masturbating. Masturbating or anything to do with sexual pleasure
  12. Masturbate. I think every single teenager has at least touched themselves or pleasured themselves once before. And some don’t like it, and some do. I mean their bodies start to develop and they get curious, and it doesn’t help porn is accessible these days.
  13. Talking to yourself in the mirror. And of course, appreciating your body too.
  14. Hate that one aunty / uncle / relative who constantly meddles in your life for no reason. In your mind, you’ve probably killed them a million times, with intricate methods and strategies.
  15. When you enter your car at night, you check the backseat just to make sure some ghost demon girl isn’t watching you.
  16. Singing the whole alphabet to remember where a particular letter is positioned.
  17. Checking out a good looking person, even when your spouse is walking besides you.
  18. Stealing hotel toiletries. Sounds cheap, but very human.
  19. Scratching your genital regions, then sniffing the smell on your fingers.
  20. Watch porn (anyone who says he/she doesn’t is most likely lying)!
  21. Looking at your poop in the toilet before you flush it.
  22. Eating the gum with a part of the wrapper sticking to it because it just won’t come off!
  23. Picturing yourself on stage performing the songs you’re listening to.
  24. Eating a Free Sample and pretending that you’re going to buy it, but you’re not!
  25. Having and participating in violent fantasies that society condemns
  26. Smelling your own farts
  27. Seeing a random boy/girl and imagining your entire life together.
  28. Smelling your underarms to decide if you really need to take a shower.
  29. Licking the plate after eating maggi.
  30. Trying to lick your own breasts [women] or penis [men].
  31. Run at the speed of light while coming from bathroom to your bedroom at night because the devil himself is chasing you.
  32. Itching body parts! When people itch a certain body part that may have odor, they usually bring their hand up to get a sense of what it smells like. This is usually done when no one is looking, or around you.
  33. Peeing in the pool. EVERYONE has done this. If you haven’t, I don’t know what age you’re living in.
  34. Enjoy the pooping process.
  35. Concentrate so hard on having the right amount of eye contact with the person they are talking to, that they end up not hearing half of what he/she was saying.
  36. Turn their phones on to check the time, but forget to check the time.

Do not forget to mention your shameful things in the comment section. Thanks for reading the Things that everyone does but no one admits

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