Blog 7 – Today after so many days I saw her and talked to her. My heart was in old memories. There was so much to say but I don’t know where to start. I think today I can share my feelings about her. Should I tell her? As I was quite strict during my work time.

Before to say something, there was a question in my mind that why she had been away from me.

But now I did not want to lose her again and before anything else, I asked the same question “Why she stop talking to me?

She responded in a very polite manner, it was not her fault. Due to some circumstances, I had to change my number and you had left college. I was busy with my work, so I did not even notice. When I heard this, I just said OK.

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But even today I remember that day, it’s August 2016 when I saw her for the first time. That time I was giving a lecture when a pearl after bouncing, came to me. I picked it up and asked who was it?

A girl said it is mine. She wore a blue suit. I keep looking at her. When I asked her name, she said her name is Poonam Sharma (obviously this is an imaginary name). She came to me and said, ‘Sorry Sir that pearl is the part of my earring and was went out and fell. I gave that pearl to her and said nothing to her.

I was seeing everything again today as it is happening now. I am very happy that today I talked to her again. But like the last time, I will not let her go. I will tell her about my feelings. Yes, I love her. I love her so much.

Blog 7 – Yes I Love her, I love her so much

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