Love is a great but unexplainable phenomenon. We don’t fall in love with people just because they are good in sports or cooking, it happens unpredictably, it’s not within our control. However, when this beautiful feeling touches us with its wings, we start thinking what could cause it. Sometimes, the explanation Reasons I love you because everything is just not enough. Love is when you like someone’s advantages as well as disadvantages, but still, there is a list of cute things about our soulmates that make our hearts beat faster.

Reasons why I Love You my LIFE

  1. I love how I feel when I look into your eyes, I see the universe in them, nobody and nothing matters when we are together
  2. You always support me when I am upset and always laugh at my foolish jokes and my favourite is “10 Rs ka Recharge
  3. You are the person, with whom I can dance under the rain, when we are together, all problems disappear.
  4. I love that I can enjoy simple things with you, your talk makes me happy.
  5. I love you for your endless optimism and kindness, which you share with me.
  6. I love the spark in your eyes when you look at me and that your heartbeat increases.
  7. I love that you are my best friend, with you, I share my secrets and hidden thoughts, you will never judge me.
  8. I adore your kindness and your aspiration, you have a golden heart.
  9. I love you for your respect and patience for my hobbies.
  10. You always support my spontaneous decisions, no matter how absurd they may be.
  11. I am very happy because you trust me unconditionally.
  12. We are connected, even in the crowd I’ll find your eyes and even ocean noise does not stop me from hearing your heartbeat.
  13. You have given me the most precious gifts: your friendship, I couldn’t ask for anything more.
  14. You are my inspiration, for you, I am ready to change and become better than I am.
  15. You make me complete, you helped me to become an integrated personality.
  16. Your smile makes me melt and I am willing to do anything for you.
  17. Only you make me experience those emotions, which nobody can give me.
  18. I love you because we are family and friends at the same time.
  19. You are my personal wizard, you make our lives beautiful, I love you.
  20. I can count on you, no matter what you will be always there for me.
  21. You can substitute friends, mates, and relatives for me, but nobody can substitute you.
  22. You give me the kind of feeling people write novels about – bliss and boundless joy.
  23. I love you because you believe in my goodness even when I don’t.
  24. I love that you love life and never lose hope.
  25. I love you because you always believe in me and inspire me.
  26. You have fulfilled all my dreams, you are my gift from God.
  27. You are inside my heart, with you I feel over the moon, love for you is flowing through my veins.
  28. I love you because you find wonder in everything.
  29. I love because you are always patient with me.
  30. You are sweeter than my favourite dessert, I love you.
  31. I love that we have much in common, we never argue about movies.
  32. I love you because in all life situations you remain yourself, you are wondering when you are happy or sad.
  33. Your love created a beautiful world inside my soul, where I escape each time I feel depressed.
  34. Since our first meeting, you have turned my life into a fairytale
  35. You are a light at the end of the tunnel for me – I’ll follow you wherever you go
  36. You make me a better person, I love you with my heart and my soul.

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Reasons why I Love You my LIFE

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