When someone is asked to respect women, the context of the word “respect” is as per the second definition. … Respecting women are not to keep them higher than men, but to bring them on the same level. If we want a society where men and women are equal, then we have to make the definitions of respect same for both of them.

Google defines “respect” in the following two ways ”
1.a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements
2. due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.

In an obvious way, Respect has to be earned, not given. But if we are talking about to respect women then this is a different kind of respect. As a society, you would agree that we should respect the rights of every individual, and we keep our ‘respect’ mode on for strangers as a social code of conduct.

But, as you would also agree, that traditionally women were always considered the weaker and inferior sex, and denied the basic human rights such as the right to equality, right to vote and were always looked upon like a commodity until feminism. There were different definitions of respect for men and women.

Respecting women are not to keep them higher than men, but to bring them on the same level. If we want a society where men and women are equal, then we have to make the definitions of respect same for both of them. So respect women only to make them equal, not superior.

Also, we can’t ignore some points

Men do Better with Women’s Support – The old adage holds true for a reason: Behind every great man, there really is a great woman. More often than not, men reach greater levels of fulfillment in their lives, when partnered with strong and understanding women. Whether career ambitions or child-rearing duties, men with female support embark more confidently toward success – perhaps explaining the phenomenon.

They are Mothers – Men share close bonds with their mothers, in much the same way “daddy’s little girls” hold special places with fathers. You don’t need to be a “mama’s boy” to appreciate women on a maternal level, though. The experiences you’ve shared with mom are enough to carve out an everlasting bond. And you are ever indebted for her efforts – not the least of which is bringing you into the world.

Mirror Image of Men – In many ways, men and women occupy opposite ends of the spectrum. Physically, emotionally and motivationally; men and women are like night and day. Men’s respect for women acknowledges it and salutes women for filling in the blanks where men fail to see the light.

Compassionate Beings – Empathy and compassion are much-admired traits held by women; especially by men who sometimes need sensitivity training. Women seem to care about others more than men do, at times, so men respect them for getting in-touch with their feelings.

Born Nurturers – In addition to abstract commitments to others, women actually do something about it.  Tapping maternal instincts and kind dispositions, women start nurturing others at young ages.  Girls help siblings and parents and then grow up to nurture their own children. Men respect women’s ability to take on nurturing roles without hesitation.

Women are Strong Negotiators – Men are called on to bargain with car dealers and make sure no one gets ripped off by the furnace repair man, but it is actually women who shine brightest during negotiations.  Stopping short of manipulation, good-hearted women influence others to see things as they do, yielding compromise and progress faster than men who draw lines in the sand.

Spiritual Strength – Men admire women for strong spiritual connections they develop over the course of their lives. Women earn additional respect for applying their strength of spirit in meaningful ways; through charity and outreach.

Unselfish Actions – Women prove worthy of respect time and time again, engaging in unselfish acts of kindness, at the drop of a hat. As daughters, mothers and mates; women contribute immeasurable positive influences to the lives of those around them.
Men love and respect women for countless personal reasons, but universal adoration stems from some of women’s most endearing traits. Men need not look far for worthy reasons to respect their female counterparts.

According to Mandeep Saroa : Mandeep Saroa

A woman who plays very important role in everyone’s life. She is the only one who gave her whole life for you as a mother, as a wife,  as a daughter.  She brings you in the world. Everyone should respect the woman because like we can’t expect life without our mom, in the same way, we can’t expect life on the earth without a woman. A woman is the only one who sacrifices her life for everyone in every role of life. In the role of a mother, her journey is really tough because from the birth of the baby her life is committed for her baby only. She takes care of every need of her baby and she tries to bring everything for her baby to make him happy. As a role of a daughter, she always does everything for the happiness of her family. After marriage when she goes to another home still she thinks of her parents and brother sisters and for her in-laws family too. The life of a woman is a sacrifice for her loved ones always.  So we all should respect the woman because we can’t imagine our life without a woman.  There is at least one woman in everyone’s life whether in the role of a mother, daughter, daughter in law or wife.


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