WhatsApp chief Chris Daniels met Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad this week. Prasad had told the reporters that the government has asked to develop a technology solution to create a local corporate unit and to find out the source of the fake message.

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Whatsapp refused to accept government offers, it will not reveal the identity of the sender of the message

In this regard, a spokeswoman for the company said that by making such software, decryption will be affected from one end to the other, and the personal nature of WhatsApp will also be affected. By doing so, it will create more chances for misuse. We will not undermine privacy protection.

He said that people are dependent on exchanging all kinds of sensitive information through WhatsApp. Whether it be his doctor, bank or family member. The spokesperson said, “Our focus is on the public awareness campaign to prevent misuse of social networking application. Through this, we want to keep people safe. ”

Over the last few months, innocent bystanders have been beaten to death in several states by mobs driven by rumours regarding child kidnappers or organ harvesting rings. The fake videos and messages have mostly been spread on WhatsApp.

Along with this, Prasad also appreciated the Facebook Company Whatsapp’s contribution to the digital story of India. Daniels had refused to comment after the meeting. The next general elections will be held next year in the country. In such a situation, the government is taking stringent measures to prevent the spread of fake news from a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The number of WhatsApp users in the world is 1.5 billion. India is the largest market for the company. There are more than two million people who use this messaging application.

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