Hobbies that can be turned into Profession


If we are working on to create a hobby or hobbies into a profession than it is not a responsibility or a ‘have-to-do-thing’, it is like a job which leads to happiness and success at the same time. Following are the few hobbies or amazing career options which can be pursued on a professional level. It is time to ask honestly, ‘What is it I am happy doing?’

It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together


carpentryIf you really like and have the kind of woodworking skills that you can easily build or repair furniture, you can build a side business in the field.

Cooking and Baking

cookingIf you love to cook and bake food, you can also start your own small restaurant or food outlet. There is no other love than the love for food. You can also approach corporate or small offices and start tiffin service. You can also participate in any of the food festivals and earn money.


dancingDance is the most unique and interesting way to show of emotions. From Bharatnatyam to Ballet, you can learn it all. If you love to dance and have the grace, then take a step and come forward, dance your heart out and continue with this magnificent art on a professional level.


fitnessIf you are a fitness buff, you can become a personal trainer or start your own gym. If you love practicing Yoga, you can open a center where people can learn the art.


gardeningGardening is one of the most delicate forms of art which involves nurturing the nature and teaches valuable lessons like patience, dedication, kindness, and love. If you want to stay amidst nature to feel its charm and warmth for eternity, then there is no other beautiful career to pursue than Gardening. This career option is still underrated but if you have the will you will find the green way!


Music DoodleIf your hobby is singing or playing instruments such as piano, guitar or drum, get a degree and start your own music school. You can also join local bands and start performing on stage. True that this career requires a lot of dedication and determination but once you achieve success, there is no looking back.


painintinPaint your dream on the canvas of life. Enchant the world through the mingling colors and let them speak for you. If Painting is everything that you have, it can bring everything that you want. Keep the perseverance and follow your dreams.

Pet service

pet-serviceDo you love animals? Dog sitting and dog walking is two options available through which you can make money. You can sell dogs, cats or birds with the help of your own website too. Advertise in newspapers or television about your pet care service.


photographyCapture time with this fascinating art of photography.  If you love handling cameras and experimenting with them, this hobby can be turned into a profession. Take a look again at your snaps and clicks, if you think you nailed it then this art is waiting for you. There are a number of websites, such as Flickr and Shutterstock that provide photos to users across the web. You can earn money by setting up an account on these sites.

Public Speaking

public-speakingIf you are not afraid of speaking in public or facing a group of people, you can become an anchor or host, provided your accent and pronunciation is up to the mark. Moreover, businesses need people who can speak to groups, either to introduce products or to make group sales pitches.


shoppingAre you a Shopaholic? Do people always advise you to be thrifty and you just can’t because the shops are the most irresistible places to be in? If yes, then there is something in store for you. Gone are the days of conventional jobs, you can hit a store without being guilty and become a professional Personal Shopper. All you have to do is Shop!

Social Media

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.Do you spend a lot of time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+? You can make money by promoting products and service on social media. You can also become a social media analyst.


sporstWith many medals and trophies coming to India through Sports, this is one of the fastest evolving and respected careers in our country. Playing any form of Sports is the best exercise and leads to mental as well as physical development. Bring your determination along and join the team now to show the world that you are worth it!


Thread Spools, Measuring Tapes and ScissorsDo you love cutting and stitching clothes? If you love experimenting with clothes and fabrics, make a career in it. Open your own tailoring shop and make profits.


travellingHow many of you want to just leave everything and travel all around the world like a hippie? Most of us want to do that once in a lifetime. Traveling is the most educative experience; it makes you both physically as well as mentally strong. Become a Travel Journalist or a Travel Photographer or a Flight Attendant and explore your passion.


writerA nib of a pen has the power to change this world. If you can paint pictures with the help of words and can easily express your feelings through them, make a career in it. If writing is your forte, then get set ready to change the world with your piece. You can start your own blog or can also work as a freelancer. In addition to writing, editing is another career option for wordsmiths.

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These are some Hobbies and If you are serious to convert your hobbies into a profession, it will sure give a good money earning option.

Tell us about your hobbies, that you want to be as your profession too.

All the Best.


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