The Internet gives people a sense of Power that They can do anything Wrong, Abusive, Creepy and Illegal on the internet and still get away with it.

The False Power and False Anonymity.

People assume there is some protective layer that keeps them “Anonymous” and “Unknown” on the Web.

So even if they do something bad, they won’t get CAUGHT, just because they used some Fake Name or Email Address.

This makes them do very bad things like:

1) Abuse and use Offensive, Creepy language with Strangers on the Internet

You might have possibly experienced this, especially if you are a Girl or some Famous person.

Some random stranger messaging you talking in Disgusting language or Asking for Explicit pictures.

Or worse Abuse you and threaten to kill you (called Cyber Bullying).

This just doesn’t happen on Facebook and Twitter, but even on somewhat intellectual Social networking site like Quora, people behave this way.

2) Fake Profiles, Fake Businesses and Fake everything

This one goes hand-in-hand with the 1st one. Some other group of people make Fake profiles on every other social network to fool and trap innocent people in their scam.

These scammers always have something appealing like – Sex or Money.

These scammers could be some Fake person on Facebook, who is pretending to be some Girl and sending you Explicit pictures, which are downloaded from some website.

Or they could be some Fake business, which claims they have a great Investment idea that can make you Rich Overnight and loot you.

3) Sharing too much

From Social networking sites to Instant Messaging, Public Forums, Emails etc., people share too much of their personal information publicly without giving a second thought.

Worse, people who doesn’t trust their Maid in real life, does not hesitate to trust some person they are chatting with online for few days.

This leads to very bad things like Blackmailing, Scamming and Theft.

You share your little too private photos with some stranger on Facebook who claims to love you after chatting for few days.

You post everything that is happening in your life on Facebook or Instagram

You would easily share sensitive information like Bank Account number, Birth date, Phone number, Passwords over Emails and Signup forms.

You behave less cautiously only than you do in Real life.

If in real life, some random stranger comes to you asks for your Phone number or say a normal Photo of yours.

Would you give it to them? – No, Of course. Then why would you publicly post pictures, Phone number or other data publicly on your Facebook profile?

So always behave online as Careful as you do in Physical world or even more.

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4) Addiction

While the Web could be used consume quality information, but there are also a million things to get Addicted to. Here are some of the examples:

  • Social Networking websites – Facebook, Instagram and even Quora
  • Video Streaming – YouTube, Netflix…
  • Multiplayer gaming – PUBG, Fortnite…
  • Gambling and so on

The list never ends.

Of course, there are more bad things on the Web, which would reflect the dark side of the Internet.

And all this things I mentioned are about plain internet that every one of us use.

There is Dark Web, which is whole another Web/ Internet, where only Terrible things happen. When I mean by TERRIBLE is literally Terrible things you have never known, even in realworld, Serious Crimes.

So to sum it up, there are both Bright side as well as Dark side the Web. You just have to be Wise and Careful about which side you are choosing.

There are some things you can do to avoid this Dark side:

  • You are never Anonymous on the internet. Even if use smart tools to stay anonymous online, you will leave traces at some point. So always keep this in mind and behave accordingly.
  • Be nice to people on the Internet as you would in Real life. You would never get away with Abusing someone.
  • Its good to connect with new people, but never Trust or Share too much with a person you met online. Stay CAUTIOUS.
  • Don’t OVERDO anything. Either it is watching Netflix or Posting on Instagram. Limit the time you spend on these things or you will get lost.

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