A teenage girl ‘Lauren More’ in England asked her father to prepare a CV for her. He drafted it for her but may have been a little too ‘honest’ about her qualifications and strengths. Now, the savage CV is going viral.

Lauren More got way more than she bargained for when she asked her father to write her CV. Her father listed her qualities under formal subheads like educational qualifications, work experience and skills & qualities. But it is what he put under those categories that has everyone on Twitter laughing.

The savage CV looked like a generic one with everything mentioned such as achievements, grades, skills and experience; but it was the content inside that was pure gold. From writing “fail” in two subjects, he wrote “browsing Facebook” and “not listening” under work experience!

He mentioned ‘giving out all clients’ information to fraudsters’, ‘digging holes looking for gold’, ‘browsing Facebook’ and ‘f**king everything up’ as responsibilities and ‘lazy’, ‘late’, ‘rude’ and ‘couldn’t give a f**k’ as skills and personal qualities.

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At least now we know who is not getting a job anytime soon.

Lauren posted this hilarious CV on social media with the caption, “Remind me not to let my dad do my CV for me.” Well, it’s too late Lauren!

And this ingenious dad made sure not to miss out on the most important part of the CV – reference. While we list our seniors or former colleagues, he listed a probation officer called Ben Dover and wrote, “Don’t contact him, he doesn’t give a f**k either.”

Dad writes a Hilariously Savage CV for his Teenage Daughter

Dad writes a Hilariously Savage CV for his Teenage Daughter

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