In this post, I am going to share a small story of Krishna Radha, which shows what is Love. If you love someone a lot then it should be unconditional love.

Unconditional love of Krishna Radha – A Small Story

HERE IS a story about Lord Krishna that will tell us what true love is about. Krishna, while living in Dwarka with his favorite wife Rukmani, would very often softly utter to himself, “O Radha… O Radha.”

Rukmani felt jealous and asked him why he kept remembering Radha so often. Krishna did not say anything. He just smiled.

A few days later, Krishna complained of stomach ache. Rukmani gave him medicines, but the pain did not go away. He kept moaning in pain.

Krishna told her that only a little charanamrita (blessed water) of a person who truly loved him would put an end to his agony. He begged Rukmani to give him some of her charanamrita.

A shocked Rukmani refused: “How can I commit such a terrible sin? You are the lord of all that be, and if I gave you my charanamrita I would surely go to hell.”

Krishna then asked Rukmani to send an attendant to Vrindavan and try and procure some charanamrita from someone there. Soon the attendant returned with a cupful of charanamrita and as Krishna sipped it, all the pain disappeared.

He then asked the attendant, “Who gave you this charanamrita?” The attendant replied, “No one in Vrindavan was ready to give it on learning it was for Lord Krishna. Then one
young woman came running up to me and gave me this cup. Her companions cautioned her, ‘You fool Radha; you are committing the greatest sin. ‘But she didn’t care. She said, ‘I don’t care about what happens to me but I cannot bear to see my beloved Krishna in pain.”

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