HulkLoad is a great alternative to Turbobit website, it also enables a good and reliable file sharing service that you can make money from uploading files to it.

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HulkLoad PPD program is the simplest program that allows you to earn every time your files are downloaded. HulkLoad pay up to $4 per 1000 downloads depend on downloaded location. HulkLoad count downloads from all countries around the world with the highest rates. HulkLoad count downloads from file size 1 Byte Only

Main Features:
  ●  Refer you friend and get 10% of your referrer’s earnings
  ●  Files never get deleted
  ●  Support any file type

Earnings Rules of Hulkload

1 – Calculated earnings for all countries and all sizes for files.
2 – You must be members to earn from your file downloads.
3 – Only people knowing the exact download URL are able to download your file.
4 – Your files will not be deleted and it will keep on our servers forever for registered users , or you can delete it yourself from your account.
5 – Affiliate Program: If another uploader registers under a referral link of yours, you will permanently earn 10% of what that uploader earns.
6 – All free users (guests or members) can download unlimited files per day.
7 – The maximum file size is 200 MB for Free & premium members.
8 – Free users can download up to 200 MB.
9 – You can upload images and files and share it with your friends.
10 – Any attempt to manipulate the system will result in disqualification and banning.
12 – You cannot share your files or your referral link on sites contains any illegal content which violates our terms and conditions.
13 – DMCA Files: If your uploaded file is copyrighted and reported by the owner of the file, your file will be deleted permanently from our server but the collected earnings will not be affected.

When Can I get paid ?

1 – You will be paid once your earnings reach $5.
2 – You will get paid in less than 72 hours after your payment request.
3 – The withdrawal requests will be available from the first day to the fifteenth day (1-15) of each month. ( Withdrawal request will not be available to the rest of the days. )
4 – We are offering different payment methods ( PayPal, Payza, WebMoney )

Click here for the Registration Form to earn money by uploading file


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